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Ann has had the pleasure of collaborating with different artists, choreographers, dancers and musicians on various projects.

'#HopeUnchained' for 'Aprajita The Resilient Artist' by Madhuriya Art House

A collaboration with Kathak dancer Anuradha Chaturvedi 

Ann has recently been very busy collaborating online with Anurahada Chaturvedi a beautiful Kathak dancer based in Reading. Together they created a piece which united the disciplines of Kathak and ballet entitled #HopeUnchained. The piece explores the little grain of hope that we all keep holding onto throughout this pandemic, especially artists whose work has been so heavily impacted.


Ann was delighted to have been contacted by the wonderful Beatrice Bernstein from The Healthy Young Dancer Project and connected up with Madhuriya Art House to take part in this special online celebration. Find out more about Beatrice Bernstein's work and The Healthy Young Dancer project here..


The performances were live streamed via The Nerhu Centre Facebook and You tube page. Ann and Anu's collaboration can be watched here. It begins 18.28 minutes in to the performance.

Ann says: This piece has brought so much joy to my heart, I am so grateful to have been connected with such a wonderful project.


Collaborations with Artist Carl Chapple

Another very rewarding collaboration has been one with Carl Chapple. Carl is a wonderful artist who Ann has been fortunate enough to have been sketched and painted by over the course of a few years whilst working with Ballet Cymru and also more recently on fascinating online collaborations with freelance dancers Emma Slater and Joseph Isaac Powell Main. Some of the works can be seen below.

You can see more of Carl's work by clicking here 


An online choreographic collaboration between Emma Slater and Ann Wall for Artist Carl Chapple

In Grow a choreographic collaboration wi
EF 42 (1).JPG
With Giulia Rossi and Collen Grace in Ja

With Giulia Rossi and Colleen Grace in Jack Philp's EX SITU. Art work by Carl Chapple

With Colleen Grace and Naomi Steinstra i

With Colleen Grace and Naomi Stienstra in Jack Philp's EX SITU. Art work by Carl Chapple

In Emma Lewis' As We Are with Ballet Cym

In Emma Lewis' As We Are with Ballet Cymru 2. Art Work by Carl Chapple

With Joseph Powell- Main from Ballet Cym

With Joseph Isaac Powell-Main in Patricia Vallis' Divided We Stand. At Ballet Cymru International Summer School 2019

With Joseph Isaac Powell - Main from Bal
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