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Teaching Schedule

Contact me to arrange private lessons online via zoom to suit your schedule


My Mission

I believe that everyone can benefit from the gift of dance. I see every student as an individual and regardless of whether or not they want to go into dance as a profession, I believe everyone is worthy of my time and attention.



Dance can bring you joy, it can help you to connect with yourself and others, it can keep you fit and develop the brain in unique ways. It can give you discipline and confidence, a great posture and a strong and flexible body. It can make you creative, connect you to music.

It equips you for many things in life and can be a life long passion if it is nurtured correctly.


Whether a student wants to pursue a syllabus or not is of no importance to me. They can still improve and develop as artists and dancers. For as long as they love it or are interested in it, I love teaching them and sharing this special art form with them.


Every day I teach, I learn too, it is a two way process. I see every student as a gift, they each bring something special and unique and that is why I see this job not as a job but as a  calling. 

Below is a review from a student I gave online private lessons to last year

''I have been lucky enough to have private lessons with Ann each week through lockdown. I find her so inspiring as the lessons are really creative. These weekly lessons have helped me improve on my technique, performance and confidence, through our repertoire sessions. Ann’s lessons have been so different from the other zoom lessons I have done, as she has so much energy and enthusiasm, I wish could train with her every day.
I will miss Ann so much when these lessons have to end”

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